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Starry Sky

Read if you dare but be forewarned... there is no going back once you know the truth.

"Orion Bearer of Light", is the first book in a supernatural fantasy series that takes the reader on a soul-searching quest. Readers embark on a journey that extends beyond the ordinary, where the natural and supernatural are intertwined. Through its pages, a truth that supersedes all other truth  is weaved through an epic supernatural fantasy. The story unfolds that we live in the natural, the physical realm… but our lives, our very existence, is shaped, affected, and depended upon by another, the supernatural… the spirit realm. We follow Chris Gahrlan, a teenage boy on his life-altering journey, as he accepts a calling that forever will change how he sees and understands the world.  We are invited to share in this illumination that will deeply question our existence, morality, ethics, and the very essence of who we are.

From its pages of fantasy, an ancient evil is revealed that lurks within and among us. Follow along with Chirs and delve into what is actually behind the rise in anarchy and chaos not only in our societies but in our weather, in nature itself. Chris learns how to overcome the obstacles, the challenges, the evil, that he is confronted with, using truths and hope from a source far superior to man . As our young hero becomes what he must to prevail, the reader grows in understanding that there are truths and a hope that are unchangeable and greater than mans knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

This book invites the reader to reflect and ponder what is unfolded and revealed, by and through Chris.  As you turn each page, be prepared to be spellbound by a story that not only entertains but enlightens, leaving you with a  hope that reality is not all that there is.

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